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But, what about morality?


But, what about spirituality?


What is your end game in America?

Herb of the month

Herb of the Month Award Winner: Kamau Bakari

“A brave¬†white man like you might be just what we need to put an end to this political correctness in America today.” –¬†Kamau Bakari to Cliven Bundy

Congratulations, HERB.



Kamau-Bakari Kamau-Bakari-and-Cliven-Bundy

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The REAL Black Agenda


The “Trickle Down” Theory

trickle-down1Question for “Conservatives”….

If you don’t believe there should be a cap on profits then why should there be a cap on wages?

According to your logic, and if ideological consistency is important to you, there should be no such thing as a MINIMUM WAGE.

Wouldn’t a minimum wage be UN-AMERICAN?

Forget adjusting worker wages to inflation or worker productivity, that doesn’t represent true conservative principles.

If a rising tide truly raises all boats and wealth “trickles down,” if wages had grown at the same rate as the earnings of the top 1% of Americans the federal wage floor would be more than triple the current hourly minimum wage.

So…what’s the problem or issue with that?

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