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Please cast your vote for who you feel is the biggest Boot lickin’, Superman that hoe, chicken noodle soup, do they stanky leg, takin’ sand out of their pocket throwing it on the ground and buck dancin’, sittin on a porch in a rockin’ chair fan waving, fatback, chitterlings and pig’s feet eatin’, cracklin’ bread, scrapple and souce dippin’, corn liquor drinkin’, if loving the white man is wrong I don’t wanna be right singin’, showing more rows of teeth than a shark smilin’, I got some Indian in me, Caublasian, bamboozled, half baked, half fried, punkified, sissified, pasteurized, homogenized, NEGRO and HERB of the year!



22 Responses to “The 2009 HERB OF THE YEAR AWARDS!”

  1. Ambassador Ausar says:

    Tiger Woods gets my vote for HERB OF THE YEAR with Obama a very close second!

  2. LOLITA says:

    I voted for Sammy Sosa. He is the biggest discrace. Mr. Paleface Horsehair… FUCKIN’ HERB! But I have to admit. I was really close to voting for Tiger with his Caublanasian ass. The only reason why I didn’t pick him is because he didn’t bleach his skin and process his hair. BUT HE’S STILL A FRIGGIN’ HERB! OH, and I love the pic up top. Roflmbao!

  3. Nick Nack says:

    Sammy “I used to be handsome black man” Sosa ! LOL ;o)

  4. I voted for Barack Obama. We have a Black President, the one thing Black folks were so hyped up about, and a Black man as the head of the Justice department, and Mumia Abu Jamal is still in prison on death row. Nuff said.


  5. jayz008 says:

    Please consider Jesse Lee Peterson for 2009’s Herb of Year. This man literally THANKED white people for bringing us here and enslaving us. It occurred in 2008 but I think it was in December so he probably wasn’t eligible for last year’s herb of the year awards, lol. But in any case, he openly welcomes the chains of oppression. If you haven’t already heard the audio clip, here’s the link


  6. LordKaseem says:

    Sammy Sosa….for obvious reasons.

  7. Shades says:

    Alby Sosa hands down

  8. LOLITA says:


  9. Cairolina says:

    So I see. My pick is all so-called black people. Bomber, I know right. Well I challenge all to research 1724 Black Code. Black is not a nationality of any people. KKK member came up with this during slave times of course to tag the newly freed slave that were prospering. So like USA prez Lincoln said to find a way to keep them second class citizens. Black is a tag or brand. No different from nigger, colored, negroe(NBC). Have you even notice our people from other native countries don’t label themselves Black. I know some may say we don’t call ourselves by no land mass. We check again. A maker names what he makes after himself. Since Black is not national, but rather falls under chattel property, not a real flesh and blood being (member the 3/5 compromise). And peops property can’t own property right. So is it to this day in corporate USA wardship government. Watch those ships. The term Black is only 500 + yrs old. Check the origin. The being is judge by his light/intelligence not his description. Out of triple darkness, not be triple darkness status. Let’s reason deeper if we wan speak well and be ourselves freely.

  10. admin says:

    “Black is not a nationality of any people.”

    “The term Black is only 500 + yrs old.”

  11. Cairolina says:

    peace. I checked out the youtube skit, and gnawa isn’t the term black. Let’s not make the term b.l.a.c.k. equilavent to any term meaning dark skinned people. It’s a reason the term afrikan is and gnawa is rather than black used. Not the same chief.

  12. Cairolina says:

    Example. My teeth are also white and straight. yet I don’t term them as white N straight. They are called teeth. There is just a proper name to call a person, place, or thing. We are known for calling our women bitches and our friend our dog, yet neither aren’t in the dog or animal kingdom. We also have other descriptive terms that could only describe us, but it is not a national name to call yourself. Put it this way, is there a flag, land, and gov’t associated with the exact term of black. Not so-called synonyms.

  13. admin says:

    @ Cairolina…

    The reason I posted those two links as a reply to you is because…

    #1. Your initial post included one red herring and…

    #2. One debunked statement.

    First, no Afrikan scholar ever suggested that BLACK is the name of Afrikan people. If so, please show where they did. This point keeps getting raised over and over again. Most Afrikan nationalists use the term Black as a descriptive term. We know that in ancient Kemet BLACK was a divine color and WHITE was equivalent to death (unlike the talking points the Moors attempt to push).

    Second, Black is not only 500 years old. I included a 5 part video proving it with countless references and sources and you picked out one, gnawa, to attempt to spin it. Sorry family. Nice try though.

    HTP & Black Power!

  14. Cairolina says:

    Naaah don’t say I said that some scholar say black is National, those are your words on the youtube ting. Prove it all of what you just keyed in chief. Show us where it says we called ourselves BLACK over 500+ yrs ago. I don’t wanna hear another term that is deemed to mean what black is said to mean today. Show me black. And yeh all I’m saying is Black is a descriptive term for us yet not enough. What makes up Black sir. And when you find dat , dats us. You still haven’t found the origin of the word black yet. What is the etymology of the word. Is it Afrikan, certainly not. We have many names. Universal name, National name, holy name, and title. Each name should be used in its proper arena, NOT haphazardly. Sead

  15. Let me tell you why your argument makes no sense, Family. What is the etymology of the word WHITE? What is the etymology of the word OLIVE? Actually, what are the etymology of all of the ENGLISH words you are typing to me in this thread? What term should we use when we go to the Temple walls and see Ausar PITCH BLACK? If you are not speaking an African language right now and transmitting your thoughts to me in English with every word being stroked out on your keyboard, why do you then have an issue with the English word BLACK? See, this is what you call word play. You know damn well what the color is we see on the walls of Kemet. When they depict the Nubians they depict them using the color we refer to as Black. Now, if your argument is that we shouldn’t use any English words and should speak an African language….AMEN RA, Brotha! But if not, you lose that point.

    Also, you keep producing these red herring arguments. We didn’t call ourselves Black in ancient times and we didn’t call ourselves Muslims Moors or Afrikans either (Must I mention again we are speaking and typing in ENGLISH?). WE ALREADY KNOW THIS. BUT…it is disingenuous to attempt to say the color or depiction we refer to as BLACK was not a symbol of divinity within our spiritual systems. You guys are not dropping science on any of the points you are raising. What we do know is that the piece of land over there is commonly referred to as Africa. We can’t claim Lemuria or Atlantis. This is just simple common sense. I’m for creating a completely new paradigm, btw. So unlike the dogmatic religious followers I’m not married to these terms or concepts. Peace Family. HTP

  16. Cairolina says:

    Don’t throw a hissy fit. Might of funny you keying in all of this english yourself. Don’t change from the topic. Speaking a different language is one thing and nothing wrong wit dat, however calling yourself something is another. Hell why not call yourself Negro, it means black in espanol or latin, which is more original than english. It actually makes english legit and lawful, unless you prefer a bastard as your Master. Those temples are OURS. You go to Kush talking about black, you will have identified yourself as a descendent of a slave and not a African and don’t even know. Check the native Australians, they have gone under kidnapping, rape, slavery up through the 90’s now after they have been domesticated they too now call themselves Black now. There’s a game going on chief and I just wan you to recognize it. Check it again without a emotional scope.

    Referring to Africa, yo you don’t know what you are talking about. The planet was/is call(ed) Asia, and the Nationals were Asiatics. BEFORE ASIA, it was called Muu. This is where the term MOON comes from. Do you know the age of that part called moon today? The National name during those far more ancient times was call Muur. And still it is so.
    You seem to believe the I, Cairo am hating on Black and taking away from its divinity. Naw dats your belief system. Black is cool I just prefer moor right and exact terms. You also are making an assumption that I belong to some temple or religious organization. Stop it. If not true who are, YOU GUYS referring to. You even now are sounding like colored man(so -called whiteboy) It’s just I speaking here.

  17. admin says:

    That’s odd…I don’t remember throwing a fit. Can you show me where I did? Thank you.

    Also, the topic has not changed. You are challenging the validity of a word (black) by saying it is only 500 years old (when that has been thoroughly debunked) then raising a red herring point, over and over again, that no one has even argued. No one has claimed black as a nationality in the Pan-African community. NO ONE. So who is this mythological Black Person that is going to go to Kush and say they are Black but not Afrikan? I’m not going off topic when you are selectively choosing which words you will accept and which ones you will not. Asia is a greek word. So, how can you have a problem with Afrika or Afrikan because you claim it is a Roman creation then turn around and accept the title of Asiatic when it is a Greek creation? So apparently it is you who has no clue what they are talking about, Family. If you want to call yourself a Navigator when you don’t have no boat, knock yourself out and Moor away. I will say this though…I’ve been respectful with you this entire discussion…yet you’ve come out of pocket and disrespected me by associating me with a white boy. So, I will end this right now, quick fast and in a hurry. I say that with zero emotions too. I’m just stating a fact.

  18. Cairolina says:

    Peace black, I don’t know where you are getting these words I supposedly said, like having a problem with Afrikan, me never say dat. And you are the Mythological black person to go to Kush and say you’re black right, you have no problem wit dat do you. Asia is not Greek especially as we know greek today. The bottom line is we are the original everyting pertainging to people of any soil. There wasn’t a colored man around when it was called Asia (di planet). They are later and you too for thinking so. And watch dat Pan talk too, that isn’t us either. You seem like you get your info from Masons or Negroes. Go at least 9000 yrs back and tell me what ya see, hear, read, find out. Then the colorable terms you would see cease.

  19. admin says:

    “And you are the Mythological black person to go to Kush and say you’re black right, you have no problem wit dat do you.”

    With all due respect, Family, I think the problem is with your english comprehension. Once again…BLACK is a general descriptor and a symbol of divinity. Black is not a nationality. NO AFRIKAN CONSCIOUS PERSON EVER SAID IT WAS. There is no “Black Land” or “Black Language” or “Black culture.” There are only various reflections and expressions of AFRIKAN culture. I know the science behind Afrika and Afrikan too, so please don’t preach to the choir. Afrika is what the land mass is currently known as universally so that is what I call it. We call ourselves Afrikan because it lets people who universally recognize Afrika know that we claim the place we originated from (btw…this is for the public, in house we can call ourselves whatever the hell we want to, but the public should know we claim that land. Period. Point Blank. End of story). As far as Mason or Negroes go, aren’t you the pot calling the kettle black? The Mu Moors don’t represent North America or Native American people. The Mu Moors represent TURKS. There is NOTHING, ZERO, ZIP, NADA in the way the Mu Moors even look that represents North America or Native American culture, but…they damn sure look like a Masonic Lodge to me.

  20. Ishmael Allah Bey says:

    Good comments on the video of the myth of Black only being 500 years old. typical coonery @ it’s very best coming from confused self hating Moors. Herodotus first named the word Asia. Gnawa does mean Black and I defy anyone to prove me wrong on that fact.
    The Talmud is well over 500 years old and the curse of “Ham” was used to justify slavery … See Morewith help of the MOORS in doing so. I dare anyone to prove that the Jewish Talmud does NOT use the word black and it IS NOT ORIGINALLY IN ENGLISH in saying it.
    That lie has been debunked and easily dismantled.That Moorish Anti- Black Afrikan mindset is the reason they sold us out in the first place.
    Black is not a legal term however it is one of the most ancient names we used and others used well over 500 years ago.
    To be specific for the record Gnawa means “BLACK MAN or BLACK MEN” not just a crayon color like a black hat, or adjective.
    Sudan also means BLACK in our original speakers of Arabic older than 500 years. Any linguistic study of the African tribes of us speaking over a thousand you can find multiple self describing uses of the word Black.

  21. Cairolina says:

    Pardon me admin on the mythological talk, that was Mr. Holipsism that born that statement.
    Yet admin, the North and South Americas are indeed represented by the Muurs. Problem is Muurs lost the birth record and became lost under tag names and tribal names that it help sever ties to the land. Muurs are the Native Americans. Indians are muurs that bred with various Christian Empire reps. Indians became orphans and started living a nomadic life and still. Remember the Red man talk. It made so-called Indians irate and began court cases on the mockery of their skin due the the yellow head or red necks breeding in. Kinda like the Moors when they went up into Spain, Italy, and Sicily breeding our caucasians. Not look all the dark haired and eyed white folks. Talking about they are Italians and Sicilians with a blackman swag. Redskins, Seminoles, and more are done out of mockery for domesticating Moors into tribes and ultimately slaves inna dem own yard plus pay tax. We are ONE People the Indian (mexican, latino)and Black= Moor. The Turks (original ones) are Moors too. Why you think they talk of eating the foul bird called a Turkey(red flap like the tassel). Cause the Turks kept the caucasian in the caves of Europe for nearly 2,000 yrs after family around Mecca also Moors, rounded up the liars, thieves and drove em(by foot)to the caves. Family connections for real right there. By the way I’ve never been in a lodge or Moorish Temple to learn. Not to add or take away anything from anyone, even if possible. Dats family straight up. There is problems in our National home no matter what you identify with. The truth is what I wanna make sure I, we deal with only. No feelings necessary. I appreciate the dialog. Peace

  22. omalone1 says:

    Stand/sand on the ground

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