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The REAL Black Agenda

There are two things needed before you can do anything for Black Afrikan people as a collective; A CONSENSUS among the intelligentsia & a MANDATE from the people.

What is needed is a clear and concise message cutting across all ideological and social issues. I've been involved in Black Afrikan Cultural and socio-economic and political studies for over 20 years of my life. With that being said, in my humble opinion, that message should be narrowed down to three words:


Socio-economic and political control over the context of our reality, so displaced Afrikans (not only in the U.S. but across the diaspora) can have an independent nation of their own, on the continent of their ancestors, and finally a HOME of their own free from the social, economic & political control of the people who displaced them (which includes Continental Afrikans, btw).

This is a message that cuts across all ideologies and personal beliefs, orientations, tribes, clans, posses, crews and cliques.

No Black Afrikan person, unless they are insane, doesn't think we shouldn't have running water. I can't think of one Black Afrikan person that feels we shouldn't have a transportation system, roads and highways, power grids and sub stations, electricity and gas. I can't think of one Black Afrikan person who doesn't think a project of that magnitude would not create THOUSANDS of jobs for Black Afrikan people on every level of that society. The only way Preachers, Philosophers, so-called Black Leaders, Representatives and cultural critics would be involved is if they have some work boots, overalls, gloves and construction helmets on and holding screwdrivers, shovels and hammers.

Instead of whining, bitching, moaning, complaining, and getting a snotty nose and teary eyes over how we are being treated by "society," we would have our own destiny in our hands and create the type of society and quality of life we want from the ground up.

We need to elevate the conversation away from the social, religious and individual personality issues of tenants...to the Land, Infrastructure & NATIONHOOD conversation of OWNERS.

THAT is what you call a REAL Black Afrikan Agenda.

If anyone calling themselves a cultural critic, spokesperson, representative or so-called "leader" and passing themselves off as "the voice of Black people" does not have those talking points coming out of their mouths...


They should be shunned, ostracized and jettisoned from our midst as the irrelevant and useless clowns they are.


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