Ideological Clarity

In order to form a clear and concise Afrikan ideology and achieve the treasured state of ideological clarity needed to counter the mind pimps, manipulators and agents of confusion…you need to establish a strong foundation. The strength of a structure depends on how thorough the foundation was laid down before the building began.

These books should be on the shelf of every Afrikan centered conscious person. If they are not on your shelf then make sure you change that today. If they are not on the shelves of people you interact with, then do not be shocked by the appalling lack of consciousness, intellectual posturing and mind numbing ignorance you are allowing into your inner circle. Freeing yourself of toxic foods is just the beginning, but…true liberation can never be achieved if you allow toxic personalities into your inner circle. Surround yourself with people of like mind to work towards the goal of a common denominator amongst Afrikan people in the diaspora.


Once you know about yourself it is important to know your enemy.

Once you know your enemy over, under and inner-stand their epistemology, philosophy, strategies and tactics .

Strengthen your knowledge base on the power & beauty of Afrikan culture!

Honor our elder Ivan Van Sertima!

Honor our elder Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannan!

Honor our elder Dr. John Henrik Clarke!

Honor our elder, my unofficial mentor, Professor Amos N. Wilson!

Add some additional tools to your already deadly arsenal!


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