The “Trickle Down” Theory

trickle-down1Question for “Conservatives”….

If you don’t believe there should be a cap on profits then why should there be a cap on wages?

According to your logic, and if ideological consistency is important to you, there should be no such thing as a MINIMUM WAGE.

Wouldn’t a minimum wage be UN-AMERICAN?

Forget adjusting worker wages to inflation or worker productivity, that doesn’t represent true conservative principles.

If a rising tide truly raises all boats and wealth “trickles down,” if wages had grown at the same rate as the earnings of the top 1% of Americans the federal wage floor would be more than triple the current hourly minimum wage.

So…what’s the problem or issue with that?

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Vote for the Freedom Party!

Mario Cuomo, in 1982, not only ran on an all-white slate but he also refused to appoint a single Black commissioner in his administration even though the Black vote was the marginal difference in his defeat of Mayor Ed Koch in the critical Democratic primary. When asked why he refused to appoint a Black commissioner as a payback for Black support, he stated that he owed Blacks nothing since, instead of respectfully voting for him, they hostilely voted against Koch.

And now we are going to support his son? Do not listen to established Black Leadership who will tell you to vote for Andrew Cuomo. They are bought and paid for and will attempt to get you to work against your own interests to help the Democratic party.
The Freedom Party needs 50,000 votes to be the first bona fide Black & Latino led state recognized independent political party in the United States. 400,000 votes would be more than any third party ever received and would create a strong lobby for political leverage. 1.6 million votes and the election is won.

Is there any sane rational reason not to support this movement?