I Won’t Forget – By Chris Miller

hoodie-300x300“While I am not happy about what happened to Trayvon Martin and his family, it has exposed the lie of this “post racial society” that we claim to live in. I just want you to know, I saw it all. I saw the Facebook posts, tweets, and YouTube videos where you took joy in Trayvon being dead, and gave Zimmerman your moral and financial support.

I saw the games you created on I Tunes and Google play to make Trayvon look like a murdering monster.

I saw all that nonsense over the year and rest assured I took into account who was doing it.


So now when you come begging me for my vote,

when you ask me to help you with your immigration reform,

when you ask me to help me push your book or merchandise,

when you ask me to stand with you so that you can get a law passed to get married,

just remember…

I saw what you did to Trayvon.

I am not the only one who saw it and…

I won’t forget.

Chris Miller