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The REAL Black Agenda



The “N word” is to the English Language what Chitterlings is too Food for Black Afrikan people; our attempts to take something foul and transform it into a delicacy. BUT…although I agree with the spirit behind these ABOLISH or STOP THE N WORD campaigns, I disagree with them all on a tactical level.

No disrespect intended to anyone, but…the tactic is short sighted and shows a glaring lack of depth and critical analysis.

How can you eliminate the N WORD without first eliminating the N?

It’s the same way I feel about the PANTS ON THE GROUND campaign against our youth wearing their pants underneath their asses. Does it look stupid? Yes. Does it disturb our sensibilities? Yes. Is putting them in jail or “whippin’ their asses” going to stop them from doing it? HELL NO. Why? Because you are attacking the behavior instead of attacking what produced it.

I’ve said this before and I will say it again and I’ve yet to hear a logical and reasonable counter to it:

The Land Produces the Culture

The Culture Produces the Family

The Family Produces the individual

The individual produces the behavior

We want to skip the first three and concentrate on the fourth step and then we wonder why we can’t make a dent in the consciousness Black Afrikan people?

If people are really serious about ending, stopping or abolishing the N WORD then they will show it by creating a socio-economic & political infrastructure they control so that their children can learn about themselves and their history and not have to do what I and most other so-called Afrikan centered Culturally Conscious people had to do. We had to search for who we are with a map, flashlight and canteen because there was no Black Afrikan controlled institution we could learn about our people and our history from.

As long as the N exists so will the N WORD.