Sorry to burst your bubble, Negro…

Mr. Holipsism delivers a wake up call to Anti-Afrikan Bootlickin' Negroes.

Black Afrikan Power & Abibifahodie!

Total Afrikan Liberation!


2 Responses to “Sorry to burst your bubble, Negro…”

  1. Glad you still killin’ them…

    We need to stop waiting on the Negroes. They will jump on the bandwagon when they see some success.

  2. Henchman696 says:

    Good vid as usual. I was not feeling the female trying to push the propaganda that Africans do not consider other Africans born off the Continent “legit”. In fact the chick sound a little too gleeful when you said “fuck continental Africans”. Anyway I digress, I concur with your statement that “black people” need to come to the realization that they are African, and that their history and lineage lies in Africa. If you can’t agree on that simply premise, what fucking use are you? My foundation is from Garvey. My mentor gave me the Philosophy and Opinions when I was just 16. It changed my life I moved from being a “nationalist” to a global Pan Africanist. I am race first, everthing else is not even a close second. I also agree that the end result should be the total control ,economic and political, of Africa, by Africans. And when I say Africans, I means those who are African centred, not Negroes (bootlicking). As you said you can have melanin and not be about your race. One more thing the vids do not play in Firefox browser, I am using IE now. Not sure if it works in Chrome. Peace Fam

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